Environmental Noise

long exposure of traffic at night showing tail and headlights
Environmental Noise & Planning
Noise & Vibration Consultants Ltd in Derbyshire specialise in providing noise and vibration impact assessments for environmental, residential and commercial developments.

We can provide expert advice at all stages of planning to include feasibility studies,scoping reports, planning application appeals, planning consent conditions, public inquiries & conditional compliance.

Assessments of noise or vibration relating to planning can cover a wide range of subjects, some of which include:

  •     Industrial Unit Development
  •     Waste Facilities
  •     Recycling Facilities
  •     Renewable Energy Facilities
  •     Mineral Extraction & Landfill
  •     Residential housing development
  •     Retail
  •     Re-location of Industrial Units
  •     Commercial Developments
  •     Sporting Activity Development
  •     Wind Farms
  •     Solar farm development
  •     Transport and distribution facilities
wind generators on a green hillside
To speak to a noise & vibration expert,
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