Industrial Noise

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Recycling, Waste, Landfill &
Quarrying - Noise Assessment
Noise & Vibration Consultants Ltd in Derbyshire have been providing their technical expertise to many of the leading companies within the waste, recycling, quarrying, mining & renewable energy industries for many years. 

This has included numerous noise & vibration assessments for new and existing developments in the UK, including the following types of facility:

  •     Waste Transfer Stations (WTS)
  •     In-Vessel Compound Facilities (IVC)
  •     Integrated Waste Management Facilities (IWMF)
  •     Household Waste Recycling Facilities (HWRC)
  •     Composting Facilities
  •     Materials Recycling Facility (MRF)
  •     Landfill Sites - Numerous sites across the UK
  •     Quarries & Mines - Sand & gravel, stone, clay salt and coal
  •     Waste Treatment Facilities - Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)
  •     Anaerobic Digestion (AD) & Leachate Treatment
  •     Mortar Plants
  •     Coated Roadstone Plant
  •     Metal Processing & Handling Facilities
  •     Incinerator Bottom Ash Recycling facility (IBA)
  •     Shredder Waste Advanced Processing Plant (SWAPP)
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Renewable Energy Facilities - Noise Assessment
  •  Energy from Waste Facilities
  •  Biomass Facilities
  •  Wind Farms
  •  Combined Heat & Power Facilities (CHP)
  •  Landfill Gas Facilities

We have assisted our clients in terms of technical support for planning applications in relation to noise & vibration assessment) over many years, to help successfully gain planning permission, obtain IPPC permits & provide compliance evidence for planning consent conditions.
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