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Other Services:
Noise & Vibration Consultants Ltd in Derbyshire has been involved in the design, testing & commissioning of over 6000 noise and vibration related projects in the last 30 years.
visualisation of soundwaves entering an ear
Other areas of noise & vibration assessment have included the following:
  • Technical Design of noise control systems for industrial applications
  • Construction noise assessment & management plans
  • Leisure activity noise e.g go-kart & bike race tracks, sports halls, simulated sky-diving centres
  • Noise mapping of individual sites to land area mapping of transport systems
  • Expert witness representation for litigation, nuisance and planning inquiries
  • Entertainment noise assessments and advice on noise control measures
  • Building acoustics for control of airborne and structure borne noise within buildings
  • Livestock noise impact assessments for planning
  • Control of noise at work assessments

To speak to a noise & vibration expert,
call 01773 607 483
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